Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Lindy!

Once upon a time there were two adorable little girls named Haley and Jasie.  They were sweet, playful, funny, and never got into trouble of any kind.  They frolicked in the fields with puppies, read books, told stories and were very happy. 

Then, one fateful May morning Lindy was born. 

And life was never the same.

Ok, I'm being a little mean, but it's true.  She changed everything, not at all for the worst.  And as bratty and crazy as she could be (I think of the time she stabbed me with a pencil which little piece of graphite will forever be embedded in my leg) she wasn't always a little evil monster.  Sometimes she was sweet like this:

And sometimes she was really cute like this:

As adorable as she was though, it did take some time before we really learned to appreciate all the wonderful things about Lindy.  When she was 12 and I was 17 I realized how hilarious she was and we bonded over a summer of Monty Python.  She has since proven herself to be one of the sweetest, deeply feeling and kind people I've ever known. I'm not sure what any of us would do without Lindy around.  No matter how crazy she might get (the glare in that first picture can still be a common sight), she still delights us, she still makes us laugh, she still makes us feel loved.  She is one of the smartest people I know, she's the life of the party and she's still the most adorable person I've ever seen. 

Happy birthday sweetie! I love you! 

From Haley:

We have little informal gatherings at our apartment several times a month for Lindy's friends--who are now my friends. There's a set of regular faces over to "Movie Night" (we rarely watch movies) but sometimes a new face pops up. They're always younger, scared looking kids, and they express some trepidation over going to some stranger's apartment to hang out with a bunch of people they don't know. "But Lindy's cool and she said to come over, so..." 

When Lindy goes out into the world, people are drawn to her. And why not? She's fun, she's brilliant, she's straightforward, and to quote a friend of hers, "There are very few people in this world who say what they mean and mean what they say. Lindy is one of them." Is she still a vicious brat capable of stabbing somebody with a pencil? Well, let's just say, I try not to make her mad when she's holding pointy items. But I don't mind. If she weren't a bit crazy, she wouldn't be my ZeZe Bubba. 

Happy birthday, ZeeZ! 

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