Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lindy Takes Some Photos

Our youngest sister, Lindy, just graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Gender Studies.  We think she's brilliant, but we might just be biased.  We asked her to write a post this week on some of her creative endeavors in the last year and she decided to showcase some of her photos from her Digital Photography class.  Enjoy! 

I took an Intro to Digital Photography course last semester because a friend of mine was teaching it and I thought it would just be a fun last course to take before I graduated. Well, I discovered that I actually enjoy taking photos! I was nervous about my skill level at first because a lot of people around me had professional SLR cameras that take beautiful pictures, and I just had a little Nikon. But, as the course continued my instructor told me that I was doing well and she was so happy that I was actually trying to compose photographs, and not just take snapshots like some students in the class. I realized that my anxiety over these photos was unwarranted. I knew the fundamentals of how to take a good picture and I did not need an expensive SLR camera to do it. I just had to jump in and take pictures and keep taking pictures until something works, so that’s what I did for each assignment, and it worked out pretty well.

This is the first picture I turned in for class, I was so happy when I got my shutter speed to cooperate just as the train was passing me. I think I actually said "yes!", which is a great way to look crazy at a bus stop.

This is the digital collage I had to make. It is the most effort I've ever put in using photoshop, and while it's not that pretty I'm really proud of it.

I believe that this assignment was just to take a picture of something with contrasting colors. One day in April when I wandered to the bus stop to go home from campus I looked up and saw the trees had began to bloom and the sun was hitting them at a perfect angle, so I laid down on the grass and took a lot of pictures until I got this one. Well, I took a lot of pictures until I saw my bus heading for my stop while I was too busy laying down and taking pictures.

My final project was a portrait assignment. I had to turn in six portraits of someone and I had to sum that person up through the portraits. My subject was Haley, and the series is called, "A Day In A Life of a Writer". Which involves cuddling with cats (above), typing, drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes. Pretty glamorous. I'm so proud of these pictures and Haley was a good subject who went along with everything I told her to.

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