Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Blog Roll

Saturday is upon us once again. I plan to take it easy today and get caught up on writing. I had a late night editing Put the Body On the Slab. It was time to focus on local issues, like passive sentences, wordiness, and redundancy. Basically, I had all the content in place so it was time to polish the sentences. I expect it'll be time to polish the sentences once a week every week until I finally publish it. I hope to have other exciting news to post throughout the week. I'm really enjoying blogging and building this website. I don't think I've ever felt such a sense of ownership over a website. It's exciting! Today's blog is Novel Publicity's Free Advice. Like us, they're new to the web, and I spent yesterday afternoon reading through their articles. Each one has solid, straightforward advice for new writers and reminders for the more experienced authors. Since the website is new, they don't have a great deal of content, but they're growing (like us!). They also offer several other services for authors, though for my own selfish purposes, I'm only going to mention their publicity services. Currently they're running a contest for a book trailer give-away, and it looks like a great value.

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