Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Housekeeping

I can't believe it's already time for the Sunday Housekeeping, not only for the blog but for my poor neglected house. I haven't been doing my chores this week because I've been so caught up in putting Arch Editing together. It's still growing so fast, and this week we've had several knew ideas we intend to implement over the summer. If you'd like to help us with all of this exciting work, just fill out this simple form and dazzle us with your charm and brilliance. Jasie started a new tumblr, and I immediately announced it would be for funny macros and inappropriate jokes. Because quite frankly, most of my life is devoted to funny macros and inappropriate jokes. I'll probably have another post about this later this week, but we're looking for authors of poetry, short stories, or narrative nonfiction to review. We'd love to feature chapbooks, self-published or independently published collections. My degrees might be in literature, but I feel a strong kinship with my MFA and creative writing brethren. Contact me at haley(at) and tell me about your work. We've also been busy updating the Arch Editing website, including our About Us page. And finally, we're still trying to build up our Facebook page. If you've read anything around here that you found worthwhile, please like us on Facebook. We'd very much appreciate the support.

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