Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Housekeeping

I have a deadline looming over my head and not a lot of time, so today's post is just general housekeeping. First, we've officially named the blog after two weeks of agreeing we should really have a title: Triumphal Blogging. Arch editing and triumphal blogging, that's us. It was either that or Triumphal Writing, but that seemed a little bit too stuffy.

I've also created a feedburner for the blog, and have it all set up now. So add us to your favorite reader and we'll continue to delight and charm you, I'm sure. I'll have exciting news to post in the upcoming days and weeks.

We're finalizing Put the Body on the Slab, we're created some amazing supplemental materials to be released along side the book, and once the papers have been signed and everything is finalized, I'll be able to share news about publishers and future releases. I'm also beginning a project with a friend of mine that should be very exciting and I can't wait to share it.

Now work is calling. I better stop procrastinating. I hope everybody has a lovely day. It's spring here in Utah and if I finish my work in time, I'll be able to go out for a delightful walk in the park.

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