Sunday, March 6, 2011

Student Paper One-Liners

For six years I worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Humanities department at Brigham Young University, and over the course of those six years I probably read a few thousand student papers. While nothing is better than reading a well written and researched paper, a lot of times I gleaned much amusement from those papers that were obviously written in haste, or with little care. I was looking through my personal blog this morning and found a post listing some choice lines from papers I had just read. These lines will never ever stop cracking me up. I've reproduced the post in its entirety for your amusement. Enjoy!

Why I Do What I Do

I just got done reading about 60 ten page term papers. It nearly killed me. Here are just a few of my favorite lines.

"The remnants of the buildings seem to resemble Roman architecture, the very culture that Americans had been emulating so effeminately."

"Labels and classifications are used where without culture and society every man would be living as he pleased content to him and not labeled by any besides that which he may reflect on interpersonally."

Ben Franklin "was involved in a lot of huge political things including the Declaration of Independence."

Franklin "knew that if a person was in a wet t-shirt on a hot day they would stay cooler than being in just a dry t-shirt."

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